Every business is at risk of having a data breach on multiple fronts — negligence, a rogue employee, stolen equipment, or perhaps a malicious hack or extortion. Incorporating proactive defenses is certainly essential to mitigate risks, but there are no guarantees a loss will not occur. With any breach, the future of the business could be in jeopardy due to extensive recovery and reimbursement costs, damage to its reputation as well as liability, fines or penalties.

The cyber liability insurance program provided by Identity Fraud, Inc. (IFI) and insured by AIG delivers the industry’s leading data theft risk management and insurance solution for small organizations. It incorporates important proactive prevention tools along with liability insurance and breach response remedies. When a loss does occur, access to IFI’s Incident Response On-Demand™ helps ensure that an effective breach response strategy and solution can be orchestrated and launched in 24-hours.

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Coverage’s include: liability, regulatory, PCI, media, extortion, breach response and more Available limits range from $50,000 to $1,000,000 per annual term.

Available in all states except NY.